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BlackBerry -
Official site from Research in Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry smartphone.

Research In Motion -
Official corporate website of RIM, the creator the BlackBerry wireless email solution, wireless handhelds and wireless modems.

Wikipedia: BlackBerry -
Page detailing the origination, naming and historical information on the BlackBerry smartphone from RIM. -
A site dedicated to CrackBerry users and abusers featuring news coverage, how to guides, forums and BlackBerry software, themes and accessories.

iPhone -
Official Apple iPhone site.

Wikipedia: iPhone -
iPhone article on the online encyclopedia.

Please Fix The iPhone -
Wish list of bug fixes.
Apple Developer Connection: iPhone -
Apple's official web development connection for the iPhone. -
Discussion Board for RIM Blackberry users. The forum is fully optimized for Blackberry browsing as well.

The Boy Genius Report -
The BlackBerry section of this tech blog offers news and information relating to the smartphone.

BlackBerry Cool -
Offers BlackBerry industry news, reviews, podcasts, videos, newsletter and a job vacancies board. -
News and information on BlackBerry hardware and services as well as reviews of software and accessories.

BB Geeks -
Offers in-depth reviews on various BlackBerry related services and software as well as detailed how-to guides, original feature articles, interviews, podcasts and videos.

Everythingberry -
BlackBerry related news, reviews, a community forum, an online shop and a wallpaper section.

BlackBerryInsight -
Offers how to guides as well as in depth coverage of various software applications.

BlackBerryRocks -
News and reviews about BlackBerry devices and software. Includes a store for devices, accessories and applications.

Blackberry Freaks -
Smartphone site which includes various themes and software downloads.

Blackberry Sync -
A site dedicated to the Blackberry brand featuring news, reviews and an online store.

BlackBerry Leaks -
Website includes BlackBerry related news, a community forum and a download section. -
Site offers news, categorized links to other related websites and an online shop.

Berry 365 -
Blackberry news, reviews and forum site.

BlackBerry Tune -
A site dedicated to the Blackberry brand featuring news, reviews, how-to articles, themes, software and an online store.

Berry Reporter -
A site dedicated to the Blackberry community featuring news, reviews, a community forum and an online store.

NewBBie -
Help topics and news for new owners of BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm.

Blackberry Storm Blog -
News, reviews and information for users of the Storm device series. Site also includes an online shop.
Blackberry Pimp -
Small online shop selling accessories and device parts for BlackBerry smartphones.
HowardForums -
The RIM (Research in Motion) category of the Howard Forums site features various discussions, news and items of interest in relation to the BlackBerry.

Motorola - Droid -
Manufacturer website provides an overview, features, apps, tech specs and owner support. Includes video tutorials and demos, manuals and user guides, software updates and drivers, troubleshooting and support.

Verizon - Droid Does -
Carrier website provides a guided tour along with information on the Android operating system, specs, accessories, Google mobile services, software updates and the Droid Community.

Engadget - Motorola DROID review -
Joshua Topolsky's product review.

YouTube - how2moto Channel -
Official Motorola video support, focused on the Droid smartphone.

PC Magazine - Droid by Motorola (Verizon Wireless) -,2817,2354950,00.asp
Sascha Segan's product review includes slideshow and video along with editor and reader ratings.

CrunchBase - Droid -
Technology wiki includes screenshots and video ads of the smartphone.

New York Times - A Place to Put Your Apps -
David Pogue's product review of Motorola's Droid smartphone includes video and iPhone comparison.

PC World - Motorola Droid -
Robert S. Anthony's product review includes lab tests, product specs, prices, user ratings, buying guides, news and reader discussions. -
Unofficial forum and information resource about the Verizon Droid series of phones, including FAQs, hacks, apps and accessories.

Gizmodo - The 30 Essential Android Apps -
Matt Buchanan's report on the best of the current apps available for the Droid phones.

eHow - How to Make Friends With Your Droid -
Ten ways to make your Droid smartphone useful.

PC World - Verizon's Droid Launch: Your Complete Guide -
Guide to the Droid and its launch, including links to related articles.

LA Times - Motorola's Droid review: It's the best phone on Verizon -
Mark Milian's product review includes a video clip of the smartphone in action.

Associated Content - A Droid Phone Using Google Android OS Added to Verizon's Line -
Meg G.'s review of the Motorola smartphone.

CNET Reviews - Motorola Droid (Verizon Wireless) -
Editors' review with features, specs, prices and smartphone comparisons along with user reviews and ratings.

Associated Content - Phone Comparison: Apple IPhone 3GS Vs Motorola Droid -
Chukwumah Ezeobika compares the two smartphones.


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